Winner of the Francesco Cardone – Anassilaos Young Prize

Winner of the Francesco Cardone – Anassilaos Young Prize

I am proud to say that I am one of the winners of the Anassilaos Young-Research Award (Premio Anassilaos Giovani – Ricerca).

Annasilaos is a cultural association devoted to the promotion of scientific and humanistic culture in the city of Reggio Calabria, where I was born. From 1988 the association award the Anassilaos Prize and has obtained the support from President of the Italian Republic and of most of the local and national institutions (Alto Patronato del Presidente della Repubblica, Camera dei Deputati e del Senato della Repubblica, Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri, Ministero dell’Istruzione Università e Ricerca, Ministero dei Beni e delle Attività Culturali, Ministero del Turismo, Regioni Calabria e Sicilia, Comuni di Reggio Calabria e Messina).

The award ceremony has been held in Reggio Calabria the 11/11/2017. Between the “senior” that have been awarded the prize this year, Prof. Angela Agostiano, President of the Società Chimica Italiana (Italian Society of Chemistry), Prof. Philippe Vendrix,  Président  of Université François-Rabelais of Tours, great musicologist and expert of the European Renaissance, and Prof. Hafez Haidar, expert of Arab culture and literature , writer and translator,  between the most important Italian translators of Khalil Gibran and of the One Thousand and One Nights.






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